Star Capital Finance is a Prague based company focusing primarily on the real estate business.

Star Capital Finance (SCF) is a licensed investment advisor, mortgage and insurance broker regulated by the Czech National Bank (CNB). SCF is also an expert in corporate financing and real estate advisory.

Plan B Investments (Plan B) is a new investment group created by Josef Malíř and Zdeněk Šoustal. Plan B owns Star Capital Investments (SCI). SCI is a sister company of SCF, which focuses on real estate and private equity investments. Plan B is the ultimate owner of all properties in the SCF portfolio.

SCF Property Services (SCF PS) is a professional in property and asset management. Through SCF PS we are servicing our own projects as well as third party projects.


present – 2004


Josef Malíř and Zdeněk Šoustal established investment group Plan B Investments. SCI buys retail park Chýnovská Tábor and second part of OC DANUBIA Bratislava to unify the ownership of the whole property. SCI sells the residential building Mánesova 64 in Prague 2 - Vinohrady.


SCF Property Services (SCF PS) is established. SCI sells OC HANÁ Olomouc, but expands its portfolio with two industrial parks; one in Pardubice and one in Kolín. The end of the year sees SCI buy the A-class office building in Prague - Lighthouse Towers.


SCI buys the residential building Mánesova 64 in Prague 2 - Vinohrady and the hypermarket at OC DANUBIA in Bratislava.


SCI sells both retail parks in Tábor and Liberec and acquires two large shopping centres - OC HANÁ Olomouc and FUTURUM Ostrava.


SCI completes the purchase of the retail park Severka Liberec.


The desire to bring the business to a higher level leads to the establishment of Star Capital Investments (SCI) and the acquisition of the retail park Tábor.


SCF has €35 million in assets under management in daily traded securities.


Our wealth management and mortgage client portfolio grows to 2 500 clients.


SCF obtains its Investment Broker and Insurance Broker licence from the Czech National Bank (CNB).


We grow into the largest mortgage broker for International clients in the Czech Republic.


Josef Malir (Junior) becomes 100 % owner of SCF.


Josef Malir (Junior) buys 49 % shares of SCF.


SCF opens an office in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Star Capital Finance, s.r.o. (SCF) is established by two British bankers. Josef Malir (Junior) joins the company as the first employee.

Our flat management structure ensures the best expertise for every client

Our Team

Josef Malíř Jnr

Managing Director

Miloš Hladík

Finance Director

Jan Borůvka

Portfolio Management Director

Michaela Malířová

Human Resources Director

Martin Fučík

Legal Affairs Director

Josef Malíř Snr

Compliance Director

Milan Mašša

Business Development Manager | Retail & Offices

Jáchym Syrovátko

Fundraising & Investment Executive

Pavel Skorčík

Property & Operations Manager

Pavel Kylian

Property Manager

Gabriela Soukupová

Asset & Property Manager

Ivo Kolář

Centre Manager

Petra Kocková

Chief Accountant