Diversify your portfolio with real estate. We do the work for you.


Our Investments

Through investment group Plan B Investments, which is the ultimate owner of SCI, we invest in commercial properties such as shopping malls, office buildings or residential and industrial properties. Plan B and its affiliated companies seek to invest in projects with long-term capital appreciation potential. 

For more information about Plan B visit  www.pbi.eu

Property Services

SCF Property Services is a sister company of Star Capital Finance (SCF). It is a professional property and asset management company with a focus on commercial properties such as office buildings, retail parks, residential or industrial properties.

We provide the following services:

  • Professional property management including operation, budgeting, reporting.
  • We are experts in asset management with a focus on maximising value for investors.


Star Capital Finance (SCF) has a team of licensed mortgage brokers as well as investment brokers.

As applying for a mortgage can be a time consuming process with an uncertain outcome, we are happy to assist you by negotiating with banks and handling the entire mortgage application process on your behalf.

We have a successful track record with securing mortgages including those more complicated applications which may have been previously rejected by a bank.

We are happy to assist you with your corporate financing too. Either as a business partner or as an advisor.